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About ME

Shanna Snow Design is a boutique lighting design firm specializing in both interior and exterior projects. We firmly believe that great lighting should be accessible to all. With over 8 years of experience in the New York metropolitan area, which included projects overseas, we are now bringing our expertise to Nashville and building a client base in middle Tennessee. We know that the lighting needs in each of these areas are often quite similar at their core.

Our design process focuses on the architectural design of a space and finding ways to use lighting as a tool to enhance the narrative. A narrative can be as simple as Winnie the Pooh or as complex as Shakespeare, but in the end, they both tell a story. At SSD, we believe that no project is too small to create a magical moment.

We firmly believe that great lighting is essential to every space. It creates a mood that can either draw your customers in or turn them away. Bringing SSD in to collaborate on your project will ensure that the story you are looking to tell will be brought to “light”!  Every project is a collaboration and we would love to be part of your team. Contact us at shannasnowdesign@gmail.com and let’s start an adventure! 

Located in Nashville, TN.


Other Interests : PHOTOGRAPHY